...Hiring The Insiders for our wedding was the best decision we made in the planning process! Thanks so much for not only your AWESOME performance at the reception but also your help in making the planning easy and your attention to detail. Everyone is still raving about how much fun it was and how great you sounded! The whole night flew by because there were so many different things happening....from the introductions, the dinner music (that was a perfect volume level to talk over), the way you got the audience involved in the dancing and games (our older relatives LOVED the anniversary dance!), and even the djing you did was great! You guys are a class act all the way! thanks SO much for the BEST DAY EVER!!! -Suzy & Tom

Hi Scott and Vicky!
Let me start by saying that we had absolutely no doubt in our mind you were going to be incredible at our wedding, and somehow, you topped even those lofty expectations. For weeks now, our guests have remarked that you were the best wedding performers they have ever seen. People who have only been to DJ'ed weddings have said they didn't realize how great a band could be. Others have asked where the Hell we found such a great band. Others have commented that they didn't know what to expect when they only saw two people on stage, but that you were even better than a band with 4, 5, or 6 members. We've had so many positive comments about our wedding, and we know that we can attribute most of them to how great The Insiders were. So thank you! We thought it was so wonderful and special that our first dance was performed live by you. It was a nice touch to hear the song live and it definitely got the crowd going. A bunch of people have said that your famous hip-hop medley was the highlight of their night. And the game that we played during dinner, passing the items around the table, was hilarious. The only regret I have is that I drank too much Mad Dog to remember every single song you played! I know we'll see you soon. Thanks again for everything. You two truly are amazing! -Jon and Abby

We really had a great time.  You guys make it so much fun.  Great music and great crowd participation.  Thought you might like to know:  We went to a wedding this past weekend and they had a 10 piece band at the reception.  And, there were six (6) people at our table (that were also at our wedding) that came up to me and said that you guys were far superior.  Just thought you’d like to know -Bill 

Hi Scott and Vicky,
we NEEDED to send you guys and email so that you know just how much you actually MADE our wedding. Since I have a huge family, we've been to many many weddings together. Literally the only thing we were concerned about when we got engaged (as a result of going to so many weddings) was the entertainment at our reception. When we saw you guys play in collegeville, we were sold so easily. You guys get EVERYONE involved and you play everything! Incredible!  Not only did you not let us down, but you far exceeded our expectations. We continue to have people asking us who played at our wedding because they would like to book you. Luckily, your maracas and tambourines went home with most people, so they shouldn't forget your name! Everyone has been telling us that it was the best wedding that they have ever been to, and very few people stopped dancing the entire night based on the video footage. We cannot begin to thank you guys enough for the amazing job that you did at our wedding. We will absolutely continue to follow you! -Shannon and Ryan

Scott and Vicky,
Everything about that day was perfect!  From the bride, ceremony, reception and our band, I couldn't have asked for more.  It wouldn't have been the same without having you there.  We always have a blast no matter where we are partying with you guys, but for it to be with all our family and friends was even more special.  I have heard from people it was the best wedding and reception they've been to and that you guys were the best dj/band they've seen.  You guys have gained a huge contingent of new fans, but Suzy and I are lucky to call you friends. Thank you so much for a more than perfect day, and we can't wait to party w you soon! -Ryan and Suzy

Hi Scott!
We just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you! You guys were amazing at our wedding last Saturday. Everyone could not stop talking about how great the band was. The dance floor was packed from the time you started until you ended which says a lot. My friends and family are already talking about coming to see you guys play at Molly's in Phoenixville at the end of the month! Looking forward to seeing you guys play again! Thanks again! Kristi and Billy

Seriously, thank you guys so so much! We had the best time, and any guest of ours say they LOVED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!(You got my dad dancing, for maybe the second time in his entire life) We have some friends getting married in the next 8-10 months, and you best believe we're recommending you for their weddings, or for literally anything. It couldn't have been an easier process, and for that, I'm super thankful. I've heard from other people that the music/entertainment can be such a wildcard, and we knew right away that we made the right decision. People still make it an absolute point to tell us how much they liked the food, the booze, but how much they LOVED the band. Ain't no party like an insiders party! Sarah and I always have so much fun whenever we see you guys, and it's great knowing that our guests did as well. Booking you guys was, aside from marrying Sarah, the best choice I made for the whole event, and I'm eternally grateful and thankful for the memories, and for the fact that the Insiders were such a big part of our day! We love you guys a lot! my groomsmen said you guys were "awesome, and took the party to the next level."  From the bottom of our happy, happy hearts, thank you guys so much! We loved having you as such an important part of our big day.
Jeff & Sarah

Hi Scott & Vicky, Thank you so much for playing our wedding, you guys were amazing!! Everyone commented on how great and diverse you were saying how rare it is to find a band that can play such a wide range of music.  You really helped to make our wedding exactly what we wanted...a great party!  Thanks! Kira

Scott, Thanks, it was a great party. We had nothing but positive feedback You and Vicky did an awesome job. We had many people ask who you were and how we found you. You sound so good, it is hard to believe there is just the two of you. Erica & Frank were also very pleased. They wanted a none stop party and they got it. See you in Sea Isle. Thanks again, Chris

Hi Scott,
Everyone had a great time. Our guests all said you were terrific. A bunch were surprised you also DJ'd in between. People were saying "your Band/ DJ setup" was super cool.  The medley blew everyone's mind. It's the best I have seen to get all ages engaged at the same time. Lots of people who don't normally dance were on their feet.  we had the time of our lives and so I thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.  Erica

Scott and Vicki, Everyone loved you!!!!  I've gotten so many compliments about the wedding and that it was the most fun they've had at a wedding. I can't thank you enough for giving us a great party. Everyone was up dancing. Even people that I would not expect to dance were out there!  Absolutely will  have you play again just need to find a reason! Renee

All the guests loved you and you had the dance floor packed all night! You really brought the party and I couldn't have asked for a better night. I keep seeing posts on Facebook about how great the music was at our wedding so I know it was an absolute blast for everyone.  Thanks again for all you did, especially helping Ray and I coordinate while our maitre d was MIA. That meant a lot.  You'll be seeing us, and the bridal party soon! :) Sam & Ray


When our daughter said she had the band for the wedding of her dreams she was talking about The INSIDERS!! Mike and I weren't familiar with you but we soon learned how incredible you are!! The entire place never stopped dancing, old and young alike. I can’t believe how many people told us it was the best wedding they EVER attended. It had so much to do with the music and the phenomenal way that Scott and Vicky get the whole house moving’. I’m a fan forever!! -Mike and Suzanne (parents of the bride)
We had a fantastic night, SO much fun! We keep hearing from guests that it was the best and most fun wedding they have ever attended.  Many were also saying how they have never seen so many people dancing at a wedding!  People were literally on the carpet because they couldn't fit on the dance floor!  To me the music at a reception pretty much "makes" the night, and we couldn't be happier with how much fun our wedding was!  Almost 3 weeks later and everyone is still talking about it.  Thank you thank you thank you!  You will definitely see us down the shore this summer! Kara & Ken
Scott and Vicky, Thanks SO much for making our reception so amazing! We have had dozens of compliments on how fun and lively you made the reception...it was so cool to see a majority of the guests on the dance floor the whole time :)! Not to mention how accommodating and great you were to work with leading up to the actual wedding. We both agree that our wedding was the best day of our lives and you guys played a big part in making that happen!  Thanks again :) we'll definitely look you up in Philly/the shore.Warmly, Jill and Phil 
Hi Scott and Vicki: You made this wedding such a success, my Kira was so happy that you could do her wedding.  The dance floor was not empty all night, you could not get a space on it, awesome.  I have never gotten so many thank you for the invites to the wedding and how awesome everything was, which was a big part of you both and how you just get people dancing and singing.  You also moved things along so everything that had to get in did, so much appreciated.  I have to tell you, you guys can rock that Blurred Lines song, "one of my favorite songs" I do not think any other band can do it as well as you did.   You are so talented and make every event that we have had from our Parties to Kira's wedding so special.I thank you so much for everything.  Sincerely, Leanne

Scott! Hey man, we've been back from the honeymoon from just under a week, and I seriously can't tell you guys how much unbelievably great feedback we've been getting about the wedding. Everyone LOVED you guys so much! Thanks again for making it such a special experience!! It was already such a great day and you guys just threw it over the top! Knew we would be beyond happy with having the insiders play our big day! Thank you guys SO MUCH!! Can't wait to see you again. Gonna check the schedule and see when we can make it out to see you again ASAP! and will also def be hitting up your website and telling ANYONE we can who's getting married how great you guys are for the big day! -Sarah & Jeff

...Wedding of the Century!!! Thanks SOOOOOO Much.. Everyone has A BLAST!!!! Thank you for doing our wedding! Everyone loved you guys! All the people who went to the wedding couldn't stop talking about how much fun you guys were! Thanks again!
Andrew & Jen

Two things make a nice affair,  the venue and the music and we certainly got lucky with both!  All of our guests raved about “The Insiders”!!  Every guest had something positive to say about you, we talked so much about you to them, but hearing is believing!!!   Thank you…thank you…thank you!!!
We were so glad that we had the opportunity to have you MC our wedding, you certainly gave it that personal touch that made it extra special.  We would definitely recommend you to family & friends who need entertainment for their special occasion.  My family members all thought you were amazing and that you certainly know how to get the crowd going and keep them going!!  You certainly know how to WOW the crowd!! Thank you so much again,
Jo-Ann & Jeff

Our wedding day was perfect! We had an unbelievable time and our guests are still talking about how great the reception was almost 3 months later.  We owe a lot of that to The Insiders! You guys got everyone up and moving right away and no one ever sat back down!! Even our grandparents were up and dancing because you made sure to play such a variety of songs! You guys are the best! We will never be able to thank you enough for making our day so memorable.   -Jess and Justin 

Scott & Vicky, We had such a blast having you guys at our wedding!! You could not have been more perfect and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from our guests! Thank you for making our night so special... Our feet still hurt from all of that dancing! You guys rock! Rachael & Mark

"The Insiders provided great energy, perfect song selection, and plenty of audience interaction at the 2011 RatnerPrestia Employee Appreciation Dinner!  Scott and Vicky were very accommodating and professional - a pleasure to work with!  They helped to make this one of the best Firm events ever!" -Mike 

I’ve been to a lot of weddings, at a lot of different places, and I’ve seen more bands pack the dance floor than I can count.  But I have rarely seen a band get the crowd as excited as these guys, the Insiders.  -Ryan Estes (Photographer http://www.theryanestesblog.com)

...not only are you great musically, but the way you interact with the audience really puts you in a league of your own! nearly everyone made a point of telling me that our daughters’ [wedding] was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. Thanks! -Tom

Scott, you and Vickie were outstanding. You made the night easy for us. You kept the group entertained and certainly accommodated everyone with their requests. It was a pleasure working with the Insiders….we’ll see you at the shore. Best, Jim

Hi, Scott & Vicki! We couldn't have asked for anything more! As usual, you guys put "your all' into every event you perform at, no matter how big or small! Of course, EVERYONE complimented your ability to get "all walks of life" out on the dance floor!! Of course, we couldn't be happier.  We attended a wedding 3 weeks after ours with a 10-piece band. They......SUCKED! Put it this way: as soon as everyone started dancing, they would change it up dramatically and empty the dance floor. And they started and stopped so many times throughout the night to talk about themselves, how they put their band together. I've never seen anything like it. All the more reason why our friends should have hired you!! Anyway, you guys just did an awesome job. We can't thank you enough. We promise we will be at Davinci's one night soon. I also have pix of you guys from the wedding that look GREAT, so I will send them to you as well!! Thanks again, and see you soon! G & H

Hi Scott! Jim and I just wanted to say thanks again for all that you, Vicky, and Tommy did for the wedding. You guys played amazing and we can not stop talking about how much fun we had dancing and singing along. Our guests LOVED it too! You made the day more then we could ever imagine and we truly appreciate it. You guys are the best!!  Julie 

We booked the insiders for our wedding after receiving several recommendations from our friends.  We're so glad we did.  You killed it.  You were accommodating, playing everything we wanted, and versatile, able to play all different genres.  The best part about the Insiders though, and what we think separates you from other bands that we considered was your ability to bring a non-wedding band feel to our wedding.  Several people commented on how great the sound was, and that they felt like they were at a concert.  You sounded great, and everybody had fun.  You made non-dancers dance.   Y'all are First Class.     Best Regards, Lou & Ashley

How can I say this.... YOU GUYS ROCKED! Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. We have heard nothing but great things from our friends and family about how much they enjoyed the music and how much fun they had.  We will come see you guys soon at DaVincis.  -Melissa 

Scott – Jenn and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for making our wedding for one for the ages. We had the time of our lives and we had a countless number of people raving about how great you and Vicki were. You both are more talented than you probably even know. Thanks again! Looking forward to coming out to see you this summer : ) Tom

"How to turn a gathering in to a party?  Just add The Insiders! There is no better party-starter than The Insiders! The Insiders made our wedding the one that our guests will be talking about for years to come-you guys rocked! -Dan

we can't thank you & vicky enough! you took our party over the top! absolutely incredible!! -jen

Scott - Thanks to you and your wife for a great job last week at the 80s run. I have heard many people rave about your performance and personally I enjoyed your professionalism. I hope to work with you again someday in the future! Regards, Ken

Scott and Vicki, Thank you so much for playing at our wedding! In the past two months I feel as though people cannot stop talking about the music at our reception and how great it was.  For us everything was perfect and we had a blast.  You guys really know how to get a crowd moving and having a great time.  We will be recommending “The Insiders” to everyone that asks (some already have).  We hope to make it down sometime soon to see a show.  Hope all is well! Rita and Tom

you guys are the hardest working musicians i know and put a lot of effort into your performances -bill

Thanks so much! You were fantastic! The Insiders really know how to light up a room. They were able to make a shy bride come out of her shell!! Everyone kept asking us, "who is the band???!!!!" Truly amazing evening and a pleasure to work with!! XO, Jeannie and Nick.
We finally have the pictures back from the photographer so I thought I'd pass a few along that show what an incredible party you a Vicky throw. Our friends are still talking about you guys!!!  One of the best decisions 
we made in our planning was to have you guys play.  The party ROCKED from the very first song and I don't think anyone sat down the rest of  the night.  You guys are amazing!!!  Thank you again for making our  night one that NO ONE will ever forget!!! -John & Eric

Great party band, it was hard to get off the dance floor! The Insiders played a wide variety of music very well! I loved The Insiders engagement with the audience -Mike (fundraiser)

Thank you so much for making our annual Luau a total success.  Two days later and I am still getting emails and phone calls telling me how much fun they had.  Where oh Where did I find that  band??? The Insiders are the main reason the Luau is such a success year after year!!!!! Thank you Scott and Vicky!!!! -Donna

We booked the insiders for our wedding after receiving several recommendations from our friends.  We're so glad we did.  You killed it.  You were accommodating, playing everything we wanted, and versatile, able to play all different genres.  The best part about the Insiders though, and what we think separates you from other bands that we considered was your ability to bring a non-wedding band feel to our wedding.  Several people commented on how great the sound was, and that they felt like they were at a concert.  You sounded great, and everybody had fun.  You made non-dancers dance.   Y'all are First Class! -Lou & Ashley 

We just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a wonderful job.  We had an absolute blast!  Many of our guests could not stop talking about how great the entertainment was!  We would definitely recommend you to anyone!  Hopefully there will be a time in the future when we can book you guys again! thanks again for everything :)  ~Melisa and Chris 

Scott & Vicki, you were awesome! Thank you so much for performing at our reception! So many of our guests know you or have listened to you at the Buck Hotel, but EVERYONE just loved "The Insiders" and could not believe that we were able to have you there! What a great night, can't thank you enough!!! -Ted 

Thank you so very much for a wonderful evening of entertainment Scott and Vicki! Everyone just loved you, and you made our special day even more special. Our reception was truly a fun party. Thanks again for helping our guests to have such a spectacular time! We love you guys!! -Kathy 

Thank YOU! You and your wife were fantastic! Everyone commented on how much they loved the band and how you guys really made the night! I especially enjoyed your rendition of Love Song. It was beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to work in everything we asked for- the night was perfect!  -Michele

Scott – Jenn and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for making our wedding for one for the ages. We had the time of our lives and we had a countless number of people raving about how great you and Vicki were. You both are more talented than you probably even know. Thanks again! -Tom

“The Insiders were a wonderful addition to our wedding reception. Scott and Vickie had everyone out on the dance floor from beginning until end. Our guests loved the interaction they had with the audience and enjoyed having such an upbeat band. Everyone is still raving about the music and fun they had. Scott and Vickie went above and beyond to make our wedding truly memorable and we look forward to having them at another future event.”-Kim

The Insiders are absolutely fantastic! The can play, they can DJ and will make any wedding a spectacular event. They are not only talented but they are flexible and fun as well. They get the whole crowd involved and the guests are absolutely delighted by them! I would recommend the Insiders 100 times over!-ACEvents

You guys freaking rock!  We knew you would be perfect for our wedding and you did not disappoint.  The whole day could not have been anymore perfect.  Every person we talk to who was at the wedding was raving about you.  Laura and I could not be any happier and we truly feel having The Insiders be the entertainment for the night was the best decision we made during the entire wedding planning process.  Thanks so much! - Dave and Laura

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had at my Daughters Wedding at the Brookside Manor. We had many people ask about you and tell us how great you were.Thanks Again for making it a great time. -Eleanor

Just wanted to thank you both again sooooo much for the entertainment that you provided at the wedding this past Saturday.  You did a wonderful job and all us and our guests included were so impressed with the music that you provided.  Everyone said that they had such a wonderful time at the wedding and that truly was a big reflection on both of your efforts.  We will remember you for future occasions and happily recommend you to others. -Best regards, Cathi and Chris 

You guys were awesome!  Everyone we talked to really enjoyed you guys...and so did we! Thanks so much! -Allie

We were extremely happy with The Insiders!! They are so much fun, easy to work with and everyone raved about them after hearing them play at our wedding. They really know how to get the crowd involved and are very affordable. I would highly recommend The Insiders for any type of event! -Jen & Bill 

You both were great at our wedding! We had such a blast dancing, laughing and having starting our lives together! -Kristen & Chris

Thanks SO much Scott!!!!  You and Vicky are awesome... people are still talking about the music... and how great you both are!!!  Thanks for making our day the BEST!-Diana

U guys wre the talk of the wedding! I know u guys made a few new customers- Every couple we talked to wants u guys for their wedding! Everything was perfect! -Mike & Tara
Dean and I want to thank you guys soo much for making our wedding so memorable. You exceeded our expectations and everybody is telling us how great you guys were. We loved you and want to thank you for your excellent job in entertaining. We had fun and I hope you did to. Thanks! -Pam and Dean

Thank you!  You both were wonderful- everyone I have talked to can’t say enough wonderful things about you!  We sincerely thank you- you made the wedding so much fun! -Lauren and Jeremy

Thank you so so much! Everyone one had a great time and I keep getting
phones calls about how much fun everyone had and how great you guys where. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You helped make John's party absolutely perfect!!! We will see you soon! Hugs -Lisa

I wanted to send you this “THANKS”….  Mark’s Party was a huge success and a lot of that is because of you guys.  Our friends have such a great time with you.  T hanks for being able to take this party onto your crazy schedule.  We will see you soon! Thanks Again for everything.

I just have to say you both were very entertaining and a great band to have at our party.  Everyone I talked to after the party enjoyed it so much, they thought you were great.  It was nice to see you get everyone involved in the songs, and guessing games, that was a lot of fun!
-Leanne & Tom
we had a great grad party for kaitlyn thanks to you both!  ur the best!!!! xoxo -kim

the party was fantastic and we are planning to have another next year!! -Dan

Dave and I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful party! We are still getting compliments about your performance at our party!! EVERYBODY  has said it was the best band we’ve had yet. Thanks again for helping us with a great party! You guys really got the crowd going and they had a blast! -Dave and Keca

Thank you so much!! We had a blast. you were wonderful and we are now die-hard fans. And if you ever need a recommendation for events let us know!! Thanks for everything! -gabrielle
Every year the party is better than the last! you are the best!! -Stan & Diane

everyone kept telling me what a great time they had and the Insiders' music and energy were a huge part of that. We'll definitely look for your gigs next time we are in the area. Thanks again. -Tony

Hey Scott & Vicky! Bill & I just wanted to thank you for playing at our wedding in October! You guys did such an incredible job - our guests are still raving about you. Bill & I had the best time and your performance really made our wedding unique and unforgettable. Thanks again and we are looking forward to catching a show soon! Best Wishes, Jen & Bill

I just wanted to thank you a million times for an amazing night on Saturday night, you guys made the party a hit!! It was like old times hanging out with you and I think you now have some new fans, people were raving about your talent! You went above and beyond for us and I appreciate the special treatment you gave us.Thank you again for EVERYTHING and I hope we see you very soon!!!  -Cathy

You guys were awesome at our wedding!  We had a blast and so did all our family and friends.  Everyone is still saying that it was the most fun they have had a wedding reception and a lot of that had to do with you both.  Thanks.  The music choices were great and kept everyone on the dance floor. -Erin and Andy

I am Tim's mom, and just wanted to thank both of  you for the outstanding job you did at Tim and Pam's wedding reception.  Everyone had such a wonderful time all night.  The music you played had everyone...(from 20 year olds to 80 somethings) up on the dance floor from the very first song... to the last.  You are true professionals and it shows.  We did not want the night to end.  Again, thank you, everything was awesome. -Deb