Insiders Band Wedding FAQ

Q: What factors influence the cost of the band?
A: Date, time and place of the event, and number of pieces are the main factors.

Q: How many pieces should I hire?
A: The Insiders Band plays most often (more than 150 dates per year) as a 2 piece, but more pieces can be added upon request. We have a state of the art sound system and use a lot of modern technology to sound like a MUCH larger band.

Q . What style of music do you play?
A . The Insiders Band plays a variety of most popular styles of music - just have a look at our Song List! We can play music from the 50's to today's most current hits! One of our strengths is being able to read the crowd and choose appropriate songs to get people dancing and having fun. You can inform us of any of your musical likes or dislikes (country, rap, oldies, disco, classic rock etc).

Q: How specific should I be with my musical requests
A: You are likely hiring The Insiders Band not only for our musicianship, but equally or more for our learned ability to get your guests of all ages having the time of their life. We welcome your requests and and styles of music you would like or NOT like to hear, but it’s not necessary to try to hand pick the song list for the night. One of our strengths is being able to read your audience and choose what is best suited for them.

Q . Does The Insiders Band play at many weddings/parties?
A . YES! Weddings & parties are our specialty! We currently play between 25-30 weddings and/or parties a year, and our client’s testimonials speak for us (please read above).

Q . How does the band dress for a wedding reception?
A . Unless directed otherwise, formal evening attire. We can also dress appropriately for Luau’s, Back Yard Parties, Holidays, Birthdays, etc

Q . How long do you typically play for?
A . Our standard time frame is four hours, but additional time (or less time) can be arranged depending on the date, time and location of your party.

Q . How many breaks do you take?
A . We usually take two breaks during a four hour party. Our main concern is you and your guests having the best time of their lives, not taking breaks.

Q . What happens when the band takes a break? I don't want my party to stop!
A . We provide DJ music on all breaks

Q . How much will it cost to have The Insiders Band at my wedding or party?
A .The price depends on a few variables; Date, time and place of the event, and number of pieces are the main factors. Please email us with as much info about your event as possible and we’ll send you a price quote.

Q . Is it possible to view the band?
A . Please view our schedule page for our public dates (including Philadelphia Phillies home games @ McFadden’s @ Citizen’s Bank Park)

Q: How far will you travel to play a wedding?
The Insiders Band will travel anywhere to play your event. We are from the western Philly suburbs and typically play within a 100 mile radius without any added travel expense.

Q . Do I need to meet with the Band Leader?
A . The event planning can be done over the telephone and via e-mail.

Q . How will you handle the flow of events, the introduction of the bridal party and the special dances?
A . You'll receive a copy of our wedding or party procedure form in advance that allows you to specify how the day's events will be handled. The Insiders Band is experienced at working with event coordinators, catering staff and other vendors, so you are ensured that the day will run according to your expectations.

Q . Do you have any other helpful hints or suggestions?
A . Yes, here are a few:
-Ask your venue if they require liability insurance from the band, as this is an added expense.

-Older guests are often very sensitive to sound, even at low volumes. Although volume is never an issue with The Insiders Band , please consider the preferences of your guests. When creating your seating plan for the reception, be sure to seat the older guests away from the band. They'll thank you for it!

-To create the right atmosphere, be sure to talk to the host/hostess about dimming the room lights after the dinner service has been completed. This helps to set the mood for dancing.

-Because of our technology, state of the art sound system, and instruments that we play, we need about the same amount of room as a 4 piece band. We CAN take measures to condense our set up if need be, though.

-Good planning and communication will enable us to do the best possible job of maintaining a smooth flow of events. Get all of your information to the band as early as possible, including your itinerary, wedding procedure form and any other special requests or dedications.

General Wedding FAQ

Q: What kind of band should I hire?
A: It’s OK to hire a specialty band that you like (i.e.- a swing, calypso, blues, or jazz band). However, be mindful of the type of event you are having and your guests. What type of band will please the majority of the people at your event? A band that performs at weddings often is also familiar with the formalities and works with the function coordinator to ensure that all formalities occur when they should or when you specified in advance.

Q: If I book a wedding band early will they be able to hold my date?
A: Believe it or not there are some wedding bands that will allow you to book them early but will tell you that they can't hold that date. Honoring a customer's early booking and crossing off that date on their calendar for each and every customer is the mark of a great wedding band. Be extremely wary of bands who don't guarantee that they'll be available on the date that you book them or want to book them. Additionally booking a wedding band early helps to ensure that the band you're interested in will be available on the date of your wedding so don't wait!

Q: What size band should I hire?
A: It is often thought that the larger number of members in the band, the “larger” the sound of the band is. This is not always the case. With talent, dedication and modern musical equipment, it is not uncommon for a smaller band to have a bigger and better sound than a larger band. What determines whether or not a band will have a large enough sound to fill a specific venue is inevitably the quality and power of the band’s sound system, and not the number of members included in the band. It is similar to trying to compare a Cadillac to a Ferrari. It is interesting to reflect upon the fact that two of the greatest bands in history were 4-piece bands: “Queen” and “The Beatles”. What separates them from the rest, aside from their great songs, is their vocal prowess, not the number of band members.

Q: Aside from musical skills, what else should I be looking for in a band for a wedding?
A: An experienced wedding band is usually well versed in the flow of events at a wedding. It is the band’s job to work with the function director and other professionals involved, in coordinating the different events that take place. For example, the band needs to make sure the photographer and videographer are informed before they begin the cake-cutting ceremony. The band will usually provide you with a sheet to fill out indicating the names of the people to be introduced, special dance selections and all of the other details regarding the events that will take place at your wedding reception. The band then keeps track of when these events are to take place during the reception and makes sure that nothing is forgotten and the reception flows. The band leader should either meet with you in person or by phone within a few weeks prior to your event to review the details.

Q: How many breaks does the band usually take?
A: During a four-hour function, there are typically three sets with two breaks in between. The first break usually occurs when the main course is being served. The band then would play CD dinner music during the main course. The second break typically occurs between the two dance sets, during which the band would play CD dance music to keep the party going.

Q: Should I tell the band which songs I want them to play?
A: Most experienced wedding bands are very adept at knowing how to read a crowd, and knowing which songs to play at the most appropriate times. An experienced band will play music that will please all elements and age groups of your audience. A good band will usually be very flexible with regards to incorporating your requests of songs you do and do not want played. In addition, most experienced bands will be willing to accommodate special songs on CD you want to have played. It is not necessary to be TOO specific, though. You are hiring your band to help bring a fun mood and get your guests dancing, and as long as you hire a good, professional band-they know best how to do that.